Celebrating the Legacy of AIWA and Our Partnership in Australia

Celebrating the Legacy of AIWA and Our Partnership in Australia

YalePrima is thrilled to share the story of AIWA, a brand that has been at the heart of technological innovation since its inception in 1951. As an exclusive distributor of select AIWA models in Australia, we are proud to bring a piece of this storied brand's history to Australian retailers and consumers.

AIWA: A Journey Through Innovation

AIWA's story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Born in Japan in 1951, AIWA has been a forerunner in developing consumer electronics that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. This journey has been marked by a commitment to designing and manufacturing cost-effective, high-quality products, backed by world-class after-sales service.

Timeline of Excellence: AIWA's Path to Success

  • 1951: AIWA's journey begins in Japan, marking the start of a new era in consumer electronics.
  • The Early Years: AIWA rapidly gains recognition for its innovative products, setting new standards in the industry.
  • Global Expansion: The brand extends its reach, connecting with dedicated consumers across various regions.
  • Commitment to Quality: Throughout its history, AIWA has maintained a steadfast focus on delivering high-quality products at cost-effective prices.
  • After-Sales Service: Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, AIWA establishes a reputation for exceptional after-sales support.

YalePrima and AIWA: A Partnership for Excellence

As YalePrima, we are honored to be part of AIWA's continuing story. Our role as an exclusive distributor in Australia for selected AIWA models is a testament to our shared values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We carefully select AIWA products that we believe will resonate with Australian retailers and consumers, ensuring that each model we introduce is in line with the needs and expectations of our market.

Exclusive Models for the Australian Market

Our collaboration with AIWA allows us to bring exclusive models to Australia, handpicked for their quality, innovation, and appeal. These products are not just electronics; they are embodiments of AIWA's legacy and YalePrima's commitment to offering the best to Australian consumers.

Why AIWA, Why Now?

In a world constantly chasing the next big thing in technology, AIWA stands out for its time-tested reliability and forward-thinking design. The brand’s resilience and adaptability make it an ideal choice for consumers who value both quality and innovation. For retailers, offering AIWA products means providing customers with a blend of tradition and modernity, a rare find in today's market.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

As we continue our journey with AIWA, we at YalePrima are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings. We are committed to introducing more innovative AIWA products to the Australian market, ensuring that our retailers and consumers have access to some of the best consumer electronics in the world.

Join us in celebrating the legacy of AIWA and explore the exclusive range we bring to Australia. YalePrima and AIWA – together, bringing innovation home.
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AIWA Portable DAB+ Radio with Bluetooth

  • DAB+
  • AM/FM PLL Radio
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Headphone Output
  • USB/SD Card Input
  • 3.5mm AUX Input
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AIWA Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

  • Connects To In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Bluetooth V5.3
  • Up to 45 Hours Playback Time
  • 3 Hours Recharge Time
  • 10 Meter Wireless Range

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